Artist Watch | Methyl Ethel

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Old school vibes with a modern edge is how we sum up our next artist watch – Methyl Ethel. Originating from Perth, the art rock group recently slaughtered Triple J’s annual Hottest 100 with their favourable track ‘Ubu’ taking out the 4th spot.

Producing music with unusual arrangements that just work has played to the strengths of this unique group. You won’t hear these guys singing about lonely hearts and drunken nights. The thing we love about Methyl Ethel is the appreciation they have for music and the emphasis on approaching music differently than their peers.

Confidence in individuality is on the forefront of the group’s image. With tracks and music videos that don’t shy away from edgy innovation, Methyl Ethel is one of the standouts when it comes to exciting music.

One of our favourites, ‘Twilight Driving’ could have come straight out of the 70’s. A funky cool arrangement with a vibe that has you wanting to go for a drive down the coast. This track is a perfect example of their niche talents turning into commercial success.

To keep up to date with everything that is Methyl Ethel; head here:

SpotifyYoutube Instagram

We are men and we go twilight driving to Methyl Ethel if we want to.

All images sourced from Methyl Ethel’s Instagram page.

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