Artist Watch | shallou

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 8.12.35 pm

Electronic producer/singer/songwriter Joe Boston who runs by the name of shallou specialises in the chill beats you hear so often spread throughout most Spotify playlists. 

With a fresh new track out, ‘Lie’, which features Riah on vocals, shallou again puts his artistic creativity on display. His ability to engage the listener from the get-go is one of his strengths in music production.

Mid-tempo tunes, something easily played at house parties or as background music, shallou and his music create a mood. It doesn’t distract you, but does allow you to appreciated the intricate works of each layered track.

With streams globally over the many millions, its easy to see why his music caters to so many tastes. This type of music has hybrid capabilities making it an easy transition to multiple genres.

To keep up to date with everything that is shallou; head here:


We are men and we can collab with shallou if we want to.

Images sourced from shallou’s Instagram page.

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