Artist Watch | First Aid Kit

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The combination of Sweden and folk music is something we have honestly never really invested too much of our time in. That is until we first heard First Aid Kit and the ethereal sister pair of Klara and Johanna Söderberg back in 2012 with their album ‘The Lion’s Roar’. Full of catchy folk tunes, their first real recognised body of work is something we still listen to and thoroughly enjoy to this day.

With subtle country inspirations, they remind us of a Woodstock folk duo with voices that take you with them through an era we were actually never apart of. With a contrast of soaring high and layered lower tone vocals, the final product is unparalleled in today’s music scene.

With live performances perfectly resembling and in most cases exceeding their studio counterparts, First Aid Kit are a vital addition to the indie/alternative/folk festival seasons ahead.

Most notably their newest piece of work ‘Ruin’ features a new favourite of ours titled ‘Fireworks’. Full of heartbreak and feels that send us to the sad side of the tracks, its the perfect tune for a Sunday before the work week begins or just for a good teary session.

To keep up to date with everything First Aid Kit and do yourself a massive favour and do it, then head here:


We are men and we can folky to a Swedish duo if we want to.

All images sourced from First Aid Kit’s Instagram page.

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