Artist Watch | No Mono

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.18.26 pm

No Mono may be a new name on the music scene however we are no strangers to the iconic pair that are the faces of this exciting new collaboration. Tom Snowden & Big Scary/#1 Dads’ Tom Iansek have whipped up some absolute magic that they dropped on the down low late last year.

Intimate and dark, these guys are playing with falsetto and minimalistic combinations which translates into a transcending final product. We listened to their first track ‘Butterflies’ earlier today and we were captivated, in a world of our own.

Their second track ‘Violence Broken’ again displays an eclectic falsetto of vocals mixed with organic sounds and heart-beating feels.Β 

With more music on the way in 2018, we are hanging out for new ‘No Mono’ but at least we have these two ripping tracks to keep us going until then.

To keep up to date with everything No Mono then head here:


We are men and we can get eclectic with No Mono if we want to.

All images sourced from No Mono’s Instagram page.

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