Artist Watch | The Brinks

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The newest song we simply cannot get out of our head at the moment belongs to these guys – The Brinks. The song in question you ask? ‘Honey’ has been slayed on repeat since we first heard it. Nothing like a bit of drip drip honey to make your day a little better.

There are no overpowering beats or materialist lyrics here. The Brinks’ new EP is layered with feelings and engaging tones. Severely underrated, The Brinks have a refreshing sound that will manage to add a bit of diversity to your stagnant playlists. 

Another favourite of ours is ‘Comatose’. Rolled along by precise beats and a relaxed vocal, its the type of song that reeks of nostalgia and we’re obsessin’.

We know The Brinks have managed to stay off most people’s radar for a little while (how this can possibly be, we just don’t know) but if they continue to produce this kind of magical bliss then we expect renowned praise from all over.

To keep up to date with everything The Brinks, head over here:


We are men and we can enjoy a little drip drip if we want to.

All images sourced from The Brinks’ Instagram page.

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