Artist Watch | George Maple

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.11.02 pm

George Maple is finally back. This songwriting, producing power house just recently supported the one and only holy Lorde on her Australian tour and we were once again blessed with Maple’s empowered vocals and dance tunes.

Using the time away to seek out new experiences for her music, Maple has definitely made up for her absence on the music scene, bringing her audience a whopping 20 songs for her debut album. Vulnerable insights and raw emotion linger throughout the album with Maple casting a shadow on mainstream pop. Maple intertwines her infectious lyrics with down right sassy beats and we are totally on board.

With Maple touring Australia in February next year, do yourselves a selfish favour and slip in to see this artist perform.

To keep up to date with everything George Maple:

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We can get sassy with the Maple if we want to.

All images sourced from George Maple’s Instagram page.

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