Artist Spotlight | Daughter

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As much as there is that goes on in our lives, we always manage to find our way back to the soul-wrenching tracks that Daughter has produced over their many years. Not many artists have been able to stop us, move us, and completely isolate us with their music; but Daughter is one.

With lyrics that explore life in all its beauty and trauma, Daughter’s front liner Elena Tonra possesses moments of subtlety and power with her vocal deliverance. What we believe Daughter does better than anyone we can think of is heartache and the addition of Tonga’s angelic voice is just pure bliss to listen to.

There are an array of moving tracks that we think of when someone mentions Daughter, but there are a select few that stand by themselves as the greats.



Daughter will forever be one our all time forever favourite artists. They are simply incomparable.

To keep up to date with everything Daughter:


We are men and we can let Daughter play with our soul if we want to.

All images sourced from Daughter’s Instagram page.

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