Artist Watch | Charlotte Cardin

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 8.51.44 pm

Underrated with a euphoric, unique voice is a combination we seem to be drawn to and Canadian born Charlotte Cardin exceeds our expectations. We first heard ‘Main Girl’ a few weeks ago and we have been obsessing over Cardin’s voice ever since. Her faint French dictation adds depth to what is already a stellar vocal. It also doesn’t help that she is visually stunning.


Still so young, Cardin expresses layers of maturity through her displays of work. We believe she has only brushed the edge of her talent and we anticipate great things from this artist. Of course we have our favourites and besides ‘Main Girl’ we urge you to listen to ‘Faufile’ – it may be in French but it is simply transfixing.

To keep up to date with Cardin’s work, check her out here:
InstagramSpotify Youtube

We are men and you can be our Main Girl any day of the week.

All images sourced from Charlotte Cardin’s Instagram page.

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