Album Playback | The Maccabees – Given to the Wild

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.01.58 pm

We have decided to brush the dust off some of our all time favourite albums and first up is the 2011 soothing masterpiece of ‘Given to the Wild’ by The Maccabees. If you haven’t taken the time to sit through the whole album, or even if this is the first time hearing about the magic that is The Maccabees (Shame on you), then lock out an hour of your recovering Sunday afternoon and let your mind wander to the heavens.

What we love most about this album in particular is just how different it is to what we thought we liked. The strong rhythmic strings and soul warming vocals both interchange and combine seamlessly and as the album moves along from track to track you start to listen deeper to their music. ‘Given to the Wild’ has acted as a pioneer into our taste for more eclectic sounding music and we are beyond thankful The Maccabees gave us the kick we needed.

So lets get serious here – if you are new to the indie scene, looking for something unique or even if it has been a while since you have hit play on The Maccabees, then do us, no, do yourselves a favour and dive into this trancing piece of work; you won’t be disappointed.

We are men and we can get rhythmic with The Maccabees if we want to

All images sourced from The Maccabees Instagram & Website. Also, check out their Youtube channel.

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