Artist Watch | Eves Karydas

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 7.06.55 pm

We must admit, we are still a little shocked that the then ‘Eves the Behaviour’ has taken this long to come back to us with her magic. With a fresh new title, Eves has delivered her return single ‘There for you’.

If you were a little obsessed like we were with ‘TV’ from a couple of years back, then Eves’ new release will be right up your street.

Seriously underrated, Eves continues to mix contemporary sounds with her own splash of individuality. We expect big things from this artist, and we are over the moon she is back in our ears.

And for those who were living in the mainstream pop scene back in 2015 (you poor souls) check out ‘TV’.

We are men and we can be ‘There For You’ any day of the week

All images sourced from Eves Karydas’ Instagram page.

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