Artist Watch | Lorde


We have just been exposed to our first taste of Lorde’s sophomore album and we dig it hard. ‘Green Light’ is full of brilliant songwriting and tempo changes which we aren’t used to hearing in mainstream music. We are impressed once again that Lorde continues to pave new ways to exercise individuality within the pop scene.

Lorde also dropped a new music video for Green Light and we aren’t surprised to see her signature dance moves at play. The video compliments Lorde’s ability to nail the combination of lyric, vocal timing and beat – take note the other 99% of artists today.

Lorde is set to feature on Saturday night Live March 11 and we cannot wait. This year just got exciting and we anticipate great things to come from Lorde’s follow up album ‘Melodrama’.


We are men and we can worship the right Lorde if we want to.

All images sourced from Lorde’s Instagram page.

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