Artist Watch | Lana Del Rey


She is back. Lana Del Rey has blessed us with new music once again and we are massive fans of the new sound. Sitting on the bus, earphones in and you will be looking back on memories that aren’t even yours. Del Rey has the unique ability to speak to your soul and we can’t get enough.

Never one to stick to generic sounds or follow the crowd, Del Rey has brought back the focus on the story of song. She sings about blue jeans and summertime sadness because its real; and we as an audience can relate. There are no flashy beats, no tuned backing vocals, just the raw Del Rey sound we have come to love.

While her new artwork for just-dropped track ‘Love’ is a little out there, we are intrigued to see how Del Rey will captivate us this time round. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

We are men and we can get dreamy over Lana Del Rey if we want to.

Images sourced from Del Rey’s Instagram page.

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