Artist Watch | RY X


With a sultry voice that aches of sadness and one that compels its audience, RY X has the pipes to make your body sizzle with goosebumps. Yes he is that good. His eerie and husky deep register will have you missing your last love, even if you’ve never had one. He just makes you feel emotion and we weep for more.

There is not many artists that create music that cements the fact that they were simply put here on this earth to do this. To create art that transforms its listener to another place. RY X has yet to make a sound that does’t intrigue us, that doesn’t give us a reaction, that doesn’t make us need more. That is artistry. Thank you RY X.

He was recently asked to remix ‘Love on the Brain’ by Rihanna and it is a masterpiece. While it doesn’t feature his voice, his talent of timing and choosing moments within a song is incredible. Take a listen.

Bless your ears and go and check out more of RY X on his Youtube, Instagram and Website.

We are men and we can weep over RY X if we want to.

Images sourced from RY X’s Instagram & Website.

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