Artist Watch | Highasakite


Originating from Norway, this dynamic group have been building rep across the globe with their unique vocals and different approach to the alternative scene. They first caught our attention with their hit single ‘Since Last Wednesday’ and have gone on to produce more killer singles ‘Someone Who’ll Get It’ and ‘Golden Ticket’ just to name a few.

Ingrid’s vocals are sharp and her foreign accent floats through the songs like honey. Their ability to create catchy songs is quite frankly ridiculous. But you won’t hear them on your everyday pop channels, they are a hidden gem.

Visit their website or Instagram for upcoming gigs and if you’re in Australia then you’re in luck. Highasakite will be playing Southbound, Beyond the Valley, Field Day & have a sideshow in Melbourne. 

We are men and we can listen to Highasakite if we want to.

All Images sourced from the Highasakite website & Instagram page.

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