Artist Watch | Matt Corby


We sort of have no words for this guy’s voice. First discovered as a young 16 year old on Australian Idol back in 2007 we could have never imagined the artist he would become. Completely bypassing the mainstream pop scene, Corby has developed his voice to be one that defines a generation. Compared to Jeff Buckley, Corby introduces you to a whole new scene of music that just fills your soul.

Over the years we have been blessed by the subtlety and power of Corby’s voice. Whether it be from his past EPs or his debut album ‘Telluric’; we’ve loved everything he has produced. Corby saw a rise in fame within the Australian music scene when he released the single ‘brother’. It was vote #3 in the notorious countdown of Triple J’s hottest 100.

Basically what we’re saying is if you haven’t heard of Matt Corby then you should be ashamed, but we aren’t entirely surprised. Corby isn’t one to be in the spotlight and from the shows we have seen him perform in, he comes across evidentially modest and purely performs music for nothing other than the passion he quietly possesses.

But let’s get real, if you do anything today, listen to any one of his songs and you can thank us later. Visit his youtube page here.

We are men and we can listen to Matt Corby if we want to.

Images sourced from Matt Corby’s website.

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