| Artist Watch| BANKS


When we listen to BANKS we feel seduced. The combination of those hard beats and her eccentric voice is pure seduction. Undefined by a single genre, BANKS takes on a whole new surface of music that makes her so popular with, well, just about anyone.

BANKS is raw and we love it. She first caught our attention with her album ‘Goddess’ back in 2014. Man did we feel this album. Edgy, fresh & something we hadn’t heard before. She had us thinking about people we were never in love with. One of our favourites is ‘Brain’; take a listen.

After some time away BANKS is back with new music. With an album out next month we were too excited to wait to review this exciting artist. She has already released a couple of singles ahead of the album release, and they’re exactly what we needed. BANKS doesn’t just sing words, her voice acts as its own instrument.

Do yourself a favour and turn the lights off, stand in the dark and let the music fill the room. Hypnotic.

We are men and we can listen to BANKS if we want to.

All images sourced from BANKS
F:  www.facebook.com/hernameisbanks
T: @hernameisbanks
W: http://hernameisbanks.com
I:  https://www.instagram.com/hernameisbanks/

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